Why Coach with The Wellness Anarchist?

We met Helen at an awards ceremony (where she was the worthy winner of the ‘Influential Woman of the Year’ award!) and we were immediately taken with how infectious her joy was and we knew then that we had to work with her in some way. Helen has coached us for a while now, facilitating business planning sessions, introducing us to her wider network, giving us advice on how best to manage our workloads, helping us to develop our confidence both professionally and personally, and much more. Helen is more than a business coach to us; she has become a friend and we wouldn’t be where we are now without her getting behind us and cheerleading us with her abundant energy and enthusiasm! Silvia Lowe of Siblinc


I have known Helen for quite a few years as a fellow Fitness Professional. A few years ago I decided to take a break from teaching due to some health issues which impacted my fitness and caused me to gain weight, which I found very hard to deal with as I had always been a healthy and slim size 10. About a year ago I decided to return to teaching as a plus size instructor and Helen was one of the first Instructors congratulating me on this and providing support. More recently I have looked at moving my business in a new direction and Helen has yet again provided me with support, advise and great encouragement. She continues to be an inspiration to me. Michelle Simpson


I have attended stress management courses with Helen both with my employer and without. I find her attitude to life incredibly refreshing and she played a large part in me making a big decision for my mental well-being. I wholeheartedly thank her for that. I have learnt a lot about myself with Helen and will continue seeking out projects she is undertaking. Thoroughly recommended. Emma Salis.


“She has this thing, you can’t put your finger on it, but this thing where she walks in the room and people listen. She is funny and swears and can be brutally honest. When she leaves, people remember her one liners and will always want a bit more. So you can imagine how I felt when she said she will start working with others to help them find their spirit, their mojo and fly with their businesses.” Jane S.


Helen has owned and lost businesses, has had triumphs and failures, friends and frenemies but she always bounces back. She is resilient, she is kind and seems to know how to make people feel. She is someone you want to hate but actually love. She has lead a tough life but has never complained and seems to turn every bad into a good. You will find her engaging and she loves to help. Debbie R


‘Helen has been an immensely important factor in my success, highly knowledgeable, highly motivational and extremely personable. She has a very big heart for others and really gets to the vital core of the matter. I am so glad that our paths have crossed.’ David Herman Fusion Fitness


“When you have lost so much, you suddenly find yourself again. I feel, I have nothing to lose by sharing lessons that could help others. It is the transfer of knowledge that sets my soul on fire.” Helen Tite

What does Coaching Look Like?

Get in touch with me and let us come up with your plan.

We can talk – I love facetime, skype any form of communication channel.

We can meet – Anywhere in the world if you are wiling to find me

We plan together.

We set targets and smash them out of the park.

You can attend the workshops

You can hear me speak.

Coaching is about you and how we can capture the brave and the bold and find your courage to be the best version of you.

You can not pour from an empty cup.

The Wellness Anarchist is the rebuilt Version 2. The one that is closer to my alter ego and is brave and strong and fearless (mostly). The stories and models I share have also assisted me in my growth. My second coming and my new (vintage) body is driven by wanting to make a difference. My Leadership, Business and Wellness/Fitness background has blended and allowed me to share practical resilience to individuals and businesses when the crap hits the fan.

Often people only reach out when we hit crisis or an epiphany. Then I arrive with a great toolbox of goodies to help you grow in your own power.

Helen appears naked and sits behind a big picture of union jack lips shouting

Being Fabulous

Well someone needs to talk about the stuff that we find ourselves whispering.


Check out the  webinars and workshops in my virtual office around the above subjects and so much more.

We are on a journey together and many of my coaching clients join me here, some are guest on the blogs and webinars.  Message me for more information.


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