Laughter is the Best Medicine

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We all have heard the cliche but you ever stopped and considered how true this is?   Laughter. When we laugh. Really laugh. You know, when you even have to cross your legs and wipe tears from your eyes laughter. … Continued

Ten Things to live by this week

Shoot for the stars with your attitude, and be determined to have a fulfilling week this week. Ten things to live by this week to create gratitude, abundance and positivity.   Write up your tick list and see how many … Continued

How Juicing Vegetables changed me – Easy steps

If you can shoot tequila then you love juicing!   Juicing vegetables changed my world. This was the mantra to convert the most repulsed person into the art of juicing.   Juicing changed my world and it is my mission … Continued

It turns out we are all fat cows! Part two

Never Enough? So the now infamous blog “Fat Cow” turned out to be a massive platform for incredible fitness instructors globally to have a voice and show solidarity in my words… A sad yet poignant truth that we are just … Continued

Everything kills you in the end – What Having Wellness Means to me (today)

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Everything kills you Or it makes you fat. The pressure of living today is killing us softly (I hear a song coming on). Wellness is a word banded around constantly. I have finally figured out that when someone says “you … Continued

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