Laughter is the Best Medicine

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We all have heard the cliche but you ever stopped and considered how true this is?   Laughter. When we laugh. Really laugh. You know, when you even have to cross your legs and wipe tears from your eyes laughter. … Continued

Yoga Pilates Flow Series

Yoga Pilates Flow Follow this yoga pilates flow photos and enjoy. Then practise these until your body responds to your patterns. With repetition you increase your mobility and your flexibility. Set it Up Stand in a wide base of support. … Continued

Quit Your Procrastination

Quit Your Procrastination I have read the books, watched the seminars, did the time management training and yet I am sat here overwhelmed with the volume of work I have that is staring at me from my AGILE wall chart. … Continued

Ten Things to live by this week

Shoot for the stars with your attitude, and be determined to have a fulfilling week this week. Ten things to live by this week to create gratitude, abundance and positivity.   Write up your tick list and see how many … Continued

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