Laughter is the Best Medicine

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We all have heard the cliche but you ever stopped and considered how true this is?


Laughter. When we laugh. Really laugh. You know, when you even have to cross your legs and wipe tears from your eyes laughter. That laughter is often the cure all when we are dealing with stress.

Under stress, inside your body there is a chemical shit storm going on and laughter can often change the chemical structure of you body.


Your Brain


When stressed, our heart rate increases, our senses become heightened, we move our central nervous system into its “sympathetic state”. This means we are in fight, flight or freeze mode. When this happens the chemicals change in our body. The CNS tells the body to prepare for the worse case scenario and we become toxic.


Adrenals are firing, cortisol is elevating and blood flow is pumping.  You might be sweating , probably a dry mouth and in some cases a tiny wee may have come out.


But when you laugh, the chemicals change, sometimes in the midst of the stressful moment you may see the funny side. Something so ridiculous that you suddenly crack up.  When that happens,  the cortisol reduces by insulin  production – it literally mops up the cortisol. You start producing seratonin and dopamine to counteract the acidic fight and flight response. This is called the para-sympathetic state.

Doesn’t your mood change we you laugh?

What do we need to do to laugh more?

  • Take ourselves a little less seriously
  • It’s in the eyes.. eye contact is amazing for the soul
  • Breathe, Pause and drop the shoulders


  • Check out the background - Laughter is the best medicine
    Helen Tite laughing and enjoying her views



Stress is killing us. Stress makes us fat. Stress is really not good for our health. Learn to see the signs and manage the symptoms.


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