Why did I sign up as an Arbonne Consultant?

Hmmm, the answer is a grown up decision. I am healthy, I am a fitness professional, I am a coach and  I always support healthy ways no matter what your version of healthy is. Judgement Free.

As a result, I can support other business models whilst running my own focused business. Sometimes I go off track and I love having accountability in my life.

Over the years, I have fought off multi-level marketing and embraced some as add ons to my business, but when my very first fitness mentor asked me to do this, I said yes.

I believe in her, as you believe in me.

After 2 years of crappy health, surgeries, anxiety and weight gain due to menopause, I am ready to get my life back. Rejuvenate my health and look after my health in as many ways as possible.

Come and join my journey and see how I have made improvements in my life.



Signature of The Wellness Anarchist
Live Well: Move Well: Eat Well