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28 Days Little Black Dress Phase 2


Continuing being Body Positive is important, however, keeping healthy is essential. Continue with The Wellness Anarchist on the next 28 days and watch the body and the mindset continue to evolve.



It is like the clothes are starting to feel more comfy!

The 28 Day Little Black Dress Plan continues.  So far, you have improved your health but not quite ready to go it alone.  You are understanding that drinking more water helps all your bodily functions. That planning os key. That sharing highs and lows helps you be accountable. That we are all human and there are no bad diets but bad choices.

The Wellness Anarchist wants to continue to work with you, to be more awesome, positive and healthy.   The exercise plan is tweaking and your energy is becoming addictive.

The Wellness Anarchist has been working with nutrition, fat loss, menopause, muscle gains, fitness and wellbeing for nearly 20 years. If one size fits all then would not be 100’s of thousands of books on the Amazon store right? Continue in the  Little Black Dress Community. We do this as a tribe.   This works with accountability and helps those of us who can be a little weak and distracted.


Helen on the sofa in her LBD

The whole package includes:-

  • Secret Facebook Group to share knowledge, upload photos of food inspiration and share hopes and goals.
  • Shopping list with supporting meal ideas
  • Live class is additional experience and we love to meet you. It is also recorded so you want miss out too much.
  • Weekly Q & A talks Facebook live
  • Regular emails and motivational support.
  • Food tracker,
  • Exercise tracker
  • Mindset, affirmation tracker

I have learnt that we are emotional creatures and coaching support helps us uncover who we really are and how we want to be seen. Let me guide you to being more fabulous.


Contact us to ask further questions or simply sign up and join the movement.


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