Laughter is the Best Medicine

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We all have heard the cliche but you ever stopped and considered how true this is?   Laughter. When we laugh. Really laugh. You know, when you even have to cross your legs and wipe tears from your eyes laughter. … Continued

The Benefits of Warrior Poses

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Warrior poses in my experience are excellent to maintain good flexibility around the hips, increased strength around the knees and some pretty awesome stamina as you learn to hold this for longer periods. Remember This isn’t about perfection but progression … Continued

Living with Anxiety

When I think about panic attacks, I used to think paper bags and breathing hard. One minute you are fine and mooching around the house, the next moment, the fear begins and I am routed to the spot. My heart … Continued

Hysterectomy – Womb you served me well! Love The Wellness Anarchist

Self-Titled Wellness Anarchist This means sometimes I have to put myself out there. I know if it is happening to me it is happening to someone else.  Let us talk about our health especially our vaginas.Let us talk about Hysterectomies … Continued

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