Everything kills you in the end – What Having Wellness Means to me (today)

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Everything kills you

Or it makes you fat.

The pressure of living today is killing us softly (I hear a song coming on). Wellness is a word banded around constantly.

Boxes of lovely juicy red strawberries
Yummy fresh organic strawberries

I have finally figured out that when someone says “you are looking well” it often means you have gained a few pounds.  As a woman with curves, there is more to me than my curves and I embrace the judgement that sits around my shape. Deal with? I meant… cant be bothered anymore. Sticks and stones…blah blah blaaaahhhhh

I am well. I move well. I sleep well and I eat well

That is most of the time I radiate wellness as I have found the right balance in my life and it is these hints and tips I plan to share with my readers.

Shock factor comes into play in my dialogues but quite honestly, if I don’t say this stuff then I am not making the big difference I want to make. I believe we should talk.  Share great stories and discuss our bodies and their beauty.

It isn’t unusual to talk about vaginas, intimacy and embarassing moments.

Here are some well used top tips to being well:

  • Drink more water (little and often)
  • Adjust your portion sizes
  • Lower your sugar intake
  • Laugh your heads off
  • Life is a balance. Find yours.
  • Have sex or at the least orgasms or both
  • Meditate

I am here to challenge diets, help you overcome hurdles, break taboos and assist with your transformation.  I am here to be your champion and disagree with what the media says.  After all my role is to break the system and beliefs.

But mostly here, as I can use my influence to share stories that are often not heard enough. Here to listen and assist development.

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